Prayers and Praise

This page is for our users, students and partners.

Fellowship is when we get to share what Jesus is doing in our lives with those around us.  We would love to share in your celebrations and  pray for you through trials.  God is so AWESOME!  He  wants to be our very best friend, and gives us a new family of believers who can encourage each other and sing His praises together!

Praise the Lord!

  • Did you get good grades?
  • Did you do great in a sport?
  • Did you make a great decision?

Post a comment or send us a message and let us praise our Lord and celebrate with you.

Prayer Requests

  • Do you need to know Jesus?
  • Are you having a hard time at school?
  • Is someone you know sick or hurting?

Send us a message and we will pray with you or for you.

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  1. Hi guys,
    There is a lot of work to do still and we want so much to bring you a great site.
    Some days the list of stuff to do is so overwhelming, but then I remember that we are doing it for the Glory of our Lord and for you students.
    So please pray for all of us here at BibleCounts. Pray with us and for us, so that we can glorify G-d through this work.

    We love you and appreciate your prayers and support.
    Gary C – PartTimePreacher
    Sr. Web Developer & Project Manager

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